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Do You Have Five Minutes? Tiny Ways to Get More Profit

As a services person in legal, accounting, web design, consulting, etc, you’ve started tracking your time, and you are increasingly aware of the value of doing so, and that getting more hours billable means you get more profit. You also… Continue Reading →

Time Tracking: The Best Kept Secret

A common complaint when speaking to managers of digital marketing teams, is the often large disconnect between being busy, and the goal of all business, being profitable. I had the same dilemma years ago. We’d start on projects, feel like… Continue Reading →

Various Software Products to Manage Your Money

I’ve received a few reader emails recently, asking me what I think of different online and offline accounting packages, and which one I use. Well, I’m an old-fashioned type, so I use an offline accounting package. This is primarily because… Continue Reading →

Keeping Life & Work Apart: Effective Ways To Achieve Work-Life Balance

Many of us recently had a short holiday to celebrate Easter. Regardless of how you feel about the religious significance, it’s important to¬†achieve work-life balance and embrace a well-deserved break once in a while. I’ve written before about managing the… Continue Reading →

Grow your own Sales

Many people I’ve spoken to recently have repeated the same words: new enquiries are down, because people are wary of starting new projects in the current climate. This is an excellent opportunity for you to increase your focus on sales,… Continue Reading →

Interview with Chris Winchester

Two weeks ago, I made the journey to New Zealand to attend the well-known web conference, Webstock. On my first day there, I spotted a man wearing a bright yellow T-shirt which read: Remember me? I met you at Webstock… Continue Reading →

Reply to Your Emails!

I recently sent an email to about eight different companies looking for accommodation for a holiday I plan to take in a few months. They all have web sites, they all published email addresses, and you know how many replied… Continue Reading →

Seven Awesome Tips to Make Debtors Pay

Recently, I have been writing about increasing sales, reinforcing branding, reducing costs, and other ways to survive a rough economic year. Another very important strategy to keep the cash flowing is debt collection, and how to make debtors pay. Debt… Continue Reading →

Interesting Marketing: Tacos on Twitter

I love discovering social media being used in interesting ways, and here’s a great one. In Los Angeles, California, there are two trucks that serve Korean BBQ Tacos from the roadside. For many parts of the world, this is common… Continue Reading →

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