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Niche Website Project – Month 4 Report

Back in November last year, I started a niche website project, using both typical manual post writing, as well as programmatic SEO techniques. If you haven’t, you can read the month one report, the month two report, and month three… Continue Reading →

Niche Website Report for Month 3

I’m back with my third niche website report, now that January is over. For those who don’t know, I started building a niche website back in November, using both manual writing and programmatic SEO techniques. You can catch up by… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Be Updating Old Blog Posts

You spent hours and hours in research, writing and formatting, then promoting that fantastic blog post 18 months ago. You were so proud of it, you shared it far and wide. Then you moved on to your next killer blog… Continue Reading →

Niche Website Project Month 2

A quick recap on my niche website project. At the start of November, I purchased a new domain name, and started building a niche website, using both manual writing and programmatic SEO. You can read the month one report here…. Continue Reading →

What Is Programmatic SEO and How Does It Work?

In the late nineties, I was involved in the idea of creating a database driven website, featuring all the towns in Western Australia. Each page on the website had attractions, places to eat, places to stay and more. It ended… Continue Reading →

Niche Website Experiment Report: Month 1

On the 1st November, I launched a little niche website as an experiment into how they work, and where growth comes from. This is the first of a series of reports that I plan to write, reporting on the progress…. Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Completely Fail at SaaS Blogging

If you are marketing a SaaS product (or any product, really), it is very likely that you are aware of the importance of having a blog to support your other marketing activities. The SEO and audience attracting benefits of blogging… Continue Reading →

How to Find Perfect Blog Topic Ideas for Your Business BlogĀ 

There are two extremely important elements for you to understand if you wish for your business blog to be really successful. The first is knowing who your ideal audience is, and secondly, understanding what topics resonate best with them. This… Continue Reading →

8 Awesome Benefits of Writing Guest Posts and How to Enjoy Them

There are many benefits of writing guest posts. Over the last fifteen years, I have written hundreds of blog posts, some for me, some for my businesses, and others that were used as guest posts on external websites. Today, I… Continue Reading →

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