This blog may have been left dormant for quite some time, however that certainly doesn’t mean that I wasn’t stringing any (sometimes logical) sentences together. Here are the articles I wrote for my employee survey start-up, 6Q, during March and April 2015.

You asked and we agreed
One of the great things in building a start up is the ability to listen to our users. We’ve got 100 organisations in 25 countries trialing 6Q before our public launch, which is very soon, and we’ve been busy collating feedback.

Now open for business
On 8 August 2014, only 228 days ago, we built the first prototype of what 6Q would become. Some 135 deployments later (more than one update every second day), and our beloved startup has officially opened to the public, today, 24 March 2015.

The short (& long) history of our start-up
For many, our little start-up, 6Q, started 228 days before our 24 March launch, in mid-August 2014, when we ran our first ‘startup sprint’ (more on that shortly).

In fact, 6Q started back when I first founded Bam Creative, the digital agency that built, and is a shareholder, in 6Q. Since the start of our journey as Bam Creative, I’ve been working on the theory that employment doesn’t need to suck.

10 secrets to employee happiness
Want to ensure you do your best to retain employees, and build a strong culture of employee engagement? We list the 10 most important factors in employee happiness.

A survey of a whopping 203,756 people from 189 countries by Boston Consulting Group last year reveals some interesting factors in employee happiness and it’s a fascinating read (you can take a look over here). In this article, we’ll cover the ten most important factors, and how you can easily contribute to them.

You can catch up on all the articles that I and the 6Q team have written on the 6Q blog.

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