Miles Burke has been engaging audiences about a wide range of topics, such as digital marketing, business management and innovation for over a decade. A highly engaging speaker, Miles draws on decades of experience with finesse.

Miles has spoken at events from 20-2,500 attendees, in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra.

Miles was the MC for our annual conference where he kept other speakers to time, kept the crowd entertained and reassured nervous guests. Miles planned his schedule in advance, produced his own material and added a level of professionalism to the presentation of the day-long event. We loved his work and were given great feedback from attendees.
– Onno Benschop, Wireless Institute of Australia

As the Managing Director of Bam Creative, an award-winning digital marketing agency, and founder of employee survey startup, 6Q, Miles always has plenty of engaging knowledge to share.

Since establishing his digital marketing career in 1994, Miles has also written for a number of publications, and is the Author of The Principles of Successful Freelancing (SitePoint).

Miles didn’t disappoint, delivering a really engaging and interesting presentation enjoyed by all of our attendees. Miles was very reliable and personable to work with.
– Renae Flegg, Conscious Capitalism Australia

Miles has been a mentor for innovation accelerators and startup programs such as Focus Upstart, Founders Institute, Fusion Founders and mentors regularly at Startup Weekend Perth.

Watch Miles’ TedXPerth talk about business failure here.