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8 Low-Cost or Free Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business

Updated: 29 November 2021 Thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of low-cost or free marketing strategies you can implement to build your business without spending a truckload of money. Many digital marketing strategies boil down to having the time… Continue Reading →

Be Lean and Mean to Survive the Uncertainty

The pandemic has been hard on everyone across the globe. No industry or country seems to be safe from the negative effects to the economy. There’s been much talk about strategies for businesses to survive the uncertain economic climate. The… Continue Reading →

The Lowdown on Services and Products

Should you offer services or products? The old phrase, The grass is always greener … is often heard when discussing the merits of services versus web-based products. Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both models. Which… Continue Reading →

Ask Your Customers the Hard Questions

Here’s a question for you. When your last project finished, what was the final communication the client received from you? Was it a bottle of wine and card, a “Thanks for the work, call me if you need anything,” or… Continue Reading →

Break Your Own Promises

A few weeks ago–September 5 to be exact–I ordered myself a shiny new car. The experience went along these lines. First, I did lots of research and decided on my ideal vehicle make and model. Then, I went to the… Continue Reading →

Nine Ways to Have a Better Lunchbreak

Do you stay seated at your desk for just about every lunch break? Even worse, do you find yourself eating with one hand and working with the other? Is the line between work time and break time increasingly blurred? We’re… Continue Reading →

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