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50 Websites for Design Inspiration [2019 Update]

Last updated: October 2019 If you are like most designers, sometimes it seems just hard to get started every day, chock full of fresh design ideas, without falling into a designer rut of producing the same look over and over…. Continue Reading →

70 Graffiti Colours of 2006

My most popular post from a while ago, which included the Web2.0 Colour Palette, was all in jest however it also hinted on something I used to do when I spent most of my time designing for web and print…. Continue Reading →

The Basics of Copyright

Since having previously posted about our recent issue with someone borrowing the Bam Creative website design and code, I have had a number of emails and questions relating to copyright. Being the business geek I am, I knew much of… Continue Reading →

Design Thieves Part II

So, the design theives I previously posted about, are now aware of the legal action that has started against them. I was aware of this by the fact the offending site was drawing a blank page for the last few… Continue Reading →

Design Thieves

We’ve all seen examples of where someone has used so much ‘borrowing’ from someone else’s work that it moves from inspiration to plain old theft. I’ve been lucky to date that there’s been some infringements, that’s for sure, but nothing… Continue Reading →

The Web 2.0 Secret Weapon

UPDATE: The Web.20 colours of 2007 have now been released! Click here! We’ve all read more than enough now about web 2.0, and there’s a million blogs and articles about what a web 2.0 entrepreneur need to know/have/understand to make… Continue Reading →

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