As mentioned in my last post, we had the culmination of nine months of work in the WA Web Awards just over a week ago. I decided in my wisdom that this would be a good time for the physical merger of the two companies into one office, a good time to replace the phone system, hire some new staff and do it all the weekend of the awards.

Then, our already heavy workload was increased by the workload of Cube7 and therefore become crazy insane workload.

Just to fill up those hours when I am not working, moving or planning events, I also have been known to do the occasional presentation. I’m doing my annual presentation for Edith Cowan University tomorrow afternoon, on my fairly regular blog topic, of getting a job in the web industry. So I thought it was a great excuse for some new software.

Well, I got my hands on iWork for the Mac a few weeks ago, just for the snazzy Powerpoint replacement for the Apple called Keynote 3, and baby does this have some cool features. The transitions are cool enough, let alone the presenter display which features the next slide, time elapsed, etc so you know you’re on track, 3D graphs, a stack of cool templates to get you started and more.

Not being the type to follow good presentation tips and be overly prepared, I find myself trying to make the presentation sizzle through overuse of a multitude of slide transitions. Hey, if my content bores the group, the slide transitions will save the day – right?

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