As many of you know, there’s a huge contingent of Perth people crossing the country for Web Directions 06. What better time to organise a Port 80 event whilst we’re there? So now we’re pleased to announce…

Port 80 (the Australian Web Industry Association) is hoping to open a chapter* in Sydney!

That’s right folks – Sydney folks (and those visiting for Web Directions 06) get to find out what those in WA, VIC, ACT and in the USA have known for a while;

1. Meeting colleagues and peers in the web industry is great
2. It’s even better on the first Wednesday of the month, with a beer in hand.
3. Hey, lets start a club and have a reason to go to the pub!

The Wednesday evening of Web Directions week, that’s Wednesday 27th September, starting at 6.30pm, come along and meet your peers in the industry, have a drink, talk about where the industry is heading and be a part of the local web industry. There’s no lectures, no sponsor talks, it’s all very informal and friendly. It all happens at;

Pumphouse Bar
17 Little Pier Street,
Darling Harbour

For a map to the venue (a few minutes walk from UTS), please visit
For more information about Port80, see

* We’re saying ‘hoping to open a chapter’, because we don’t have anyone who has volunteered to organise meets in the future. Let us know if you’re keen to help via

Update: John Allsopp says it even better than I could. Read this.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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