Ultimo building, Sydney

Well, Tuesday was the start of my web directions week, but today is the official start of the conference element. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, time has just been flying by.

I arrived with zero sleep on the red eye from Perth on Tuesday at 6.30am. Dropping bags off at the hotel, I then went out for lunch with Russ Weakley, and then hit the pub near the hotel for a $5 dinner, many beers and a trivia game until 10.30pm or so.

Wednesday consisted of working for Web Directions at the Kelly Goto workshop, The Iterative App.

Hanging out with Kelly for a day was great – I met her last year, and only spent a short time with her – this year, we got to speak lots, and being the process geek I am, I enjoyed it immensely.

Last night was the Port80 meeting in Sydney. We had about 30 people in total wander past, many of which came from everywhere but Sydney, so we’ve got lots of contacts for future chapters in other cities.

I didn’t get back until after midnight, and was back at the venue at 7.10am to help with registrations.

Now it is 3.20pm, and I’ve been listening to inspiration and education all day. Ben Barren from gnoos.com.au is talking, and we’re about to head for afternoon tea.

Image: Building near venue, Ultimo.

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