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70 Graffiti Colours of 2006

Spraycan and Graffiti, Western Australia

My most popular post from a while ago, which included the Web2.0 Colour Palette, was all in jest however it also hinted on something I used to do when I spent most of my time designing for web and print.

I have been known to scan leaves and plants, and photograph interesting colours and colour combinations in nature and packaging and my surroundings, in order to use them in my print and website designs.

Well, I took over a hundred photographs of graffiti along a wall which runs next to Tonkin Highway, Perth today, and thought what a great subject to do some colour analysis.

So, with little fanfare, fresh off the walls of Perth, here are the Colours of Graffiti 2006, a 43kb JPG file with approximately 70 colours to get your creative juices flowing. Let me know if you use it for a design, I’d be keen to see the end result!

Image: Spraycan in front of Graffiti, Perth, WA.

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  1. I’m impressed that in addition to managing a thriving business, doing voluntary work, and being a Dad you still make time for creative initiatives. Nice one!

  2. That’s kind of interesting, theres a pretty serious likeness in the feel of the colours in the web 2.0 pallet and this.

    So when do we get to see the photos? i wouldnt mind seeing some of them 🙂

  3. un disclosed

    would you be able to send me some of the photos from there?

    a graffiti artist who went be the name of “Over” most likely painted there and i would love to see some more of his work.

    i am unable to get many photos of his work because his life was cut short this year.

    do u have a link to these pictures maybe

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