Bee on plum blossoms

With less than a week to go before I fly to Sydney for Web Directions South, I thought I’d whip up my own itinerary of what has caught my eye in their star studded program.

Tuesday 26th
I arrive very early, so my highlight will be chilling out with the other West Coast Bloggers and Perth Port 80 peeps as we kick back and relax before Web Directions takes up all of our time.

Wednesday 27th
I’m going along to Kelly Goto’s workshop, The Iterative App’. If you know me, you know I dig terms like workflow, process and user cases. I’m really looking forward to a day of hearing from Kelly.

Maybe I could be a touch biased, but then the eve of Web Directions will also see the Pumphouse Bar, minutes away from the venue hold a Port 80 get together in the evening. See this post for details.

Thursday 28th
Jeremy Keith talks on Ajax with ‘Explaining Ajax’. I may not call myself a developer, but Ajax is something I get.

As all my staff know, I’m always up for food. I just hope this year there’s more vegetarian stuff for the likes of me and other non meat eaters.

I am really inspired by Campaign Monitor, and proud to see Australians do so well on the world stage. Dave Greiner and Ben Richardson will be speaking on ‘Designing a web application on the side – the story of Campaign Monitor’, which I am sure will be five stars.

Web Direction organiser, blogger, software developer, speaker and web guru, John Allsopp is also speaking on Microformats, and given the Bam Creative site is now using hCard (so I think I am an expert!), I’m keen to hear what he says.

Third and final talk not to be missed, Derek Featherstone is speaking on where accessibility is heading, with Accessibility 2.0: Where do we go from here?

What dodgy karaoke bar will the Perth contingent appear at on Thursday evening? Stay tuned for the details (oh, and Adrian, I’ll be keeping my camera close this time!).

Friday 29th
I wish I was going to the Breakfast with Molly Holzschlag, where Molly will be speaking on the topic, ‘Defining the new professionalism’, but I’m torn between getting up early and learning or sleeping off the expected late night shenanigans.

Creating inspired design by UK designer Andy Clarke sure sounds like a good way to spend a mid morning.

I’m honoured to have been asked to introduce two speakers on the last afternoon. I’ll be mumbling my way through an introduction for Thomas Vander Wal, and his talk “Information Architecture for the Come to Me Web”.

Then I’ll also be introducing one of the great crew I met last year, Derek Featherstone with his presentation “Designing for accessibility: More simple techniques that make a difference”.

Then the obligatory Friday drinks, this time hosted and sponsored by the great crowd at Sitepoint.

Saturday 30th
If this is anything like last year, it’s a hungover morning of shopping then lunch then chilling out before catching a plane that evening back to Perth. Web geek bliss in Sydney!

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