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Book Review: Online Marketing Inside Out

The great thing about writing your own book, is when it comes to reading other books, you have a new found appreciation to what effort has gone in to create what you’re holding. There’s certainly some effort put in on… Continue Reading →

Marketing your book online

A while ago, I wrote a post, titled Book promotion on the web, which was a collection of thoughts about how Authors best promote their book(s) online. I’ve had a few people ask me for more details on this subject,… Continue Reading →

Presentation Tips II – Interview with Maxine Sherrin

In my last post, I linked to many blogs and websites which discussed how to present, both technically and tips on stage presence, etc. However, that’s only half the battle – how do you approach conference organisers, and what are… Continue Reading →

Public Speaking Tips and Templates

After some of the great feedback I had from my recent post, 19 Tips for Public Speaking, I finally got my act together and interviewed a few folks, collated some public speaking tips, and here’s the first post in a… Continue Reading →

Blog Promotion & SEO

If you ever needed proof that a standards based layout, a dash of search engine optimisation and a wordpress blog were great ingredients to get a good Google rank, then you’ll be interested to note that I have received a… Continue Reading →

Make up your own mind

  The clever cats at Clear Blue Day, an Australian marketing agency, have registered, which links through to the website of a movie which seems to be against some other companies best PR efforts. See the issue is that… Continue Reading →

Marketing via bloggers

We’re all bombarded every day with hundreds of advertising and marketing messages. If you’re anything like the media consumer I am, it’s probably closer to thousands. So, how do you make your company or product stand out from the pack?… Continue Reading →

The Web 2.0 Secret Weapon

UPDATE: The Web.20 colours of 2007 have now been released! Click here! We’ve all read more than enough now about web 2.0, and there’s a million blogs and articles about what a web 2.0 entrepreneur need to know/have/understand to make… Continue Reading →

Web accessibility, the Australian legal meaning

We all have a fair idea what web accessibility is. It’s that whole ‘web standards’ thing, the whole ‘better code’ thing, etc. We’re quick to put it in terms of technical code and even design, but what is it according… Continue Reading →

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