web2.0 - it\'s all about the colours man...

UPDATE: The Web.20 colours of 2007 have now been released! Click here!

We’ve all read more than enough now about web 2.0, and there’s a million blogs and articles about what a web 2.0 entrepreneur need to know/have/understand to make their new project the web’s next big ‘Killer App‘.

In order to sell to Yahoo!, Google or even get a mention on TechCrunch, you’ve got to have a web based app that’s the next big thing – add a heavy serving of AJAX, maybe use Ruby on Rails, or one of the squillion new code frameworks that have popped up in recent times, maybe have some form of tagging on the site, improve your usability over and over until even your grandmother can use it, and then….

Well, I’m here to reveal what the big 2.0 guys don’t want you to know, and have managed to keep quiet about it this long – it’s actually all about the colour.

Who cares if anyone uses it or not, as long as you attract investors or sell to the even bigger guys? What better way to attract them than a special concoction of RGB love?

I’m going to make it even easier for you budding entrepreneurs – I have grabbed primary or logo colours from some of the big names in 2.0 land, and placed no less than 70 colours into one scrumptious Photoshop Colour Palette file, for your downloading pleasure (2kb zip file).

This web2.0 secret weapon is yours absolutely free – now just mash those colours up, whip up some nice CSS goodness, whack a BETA button somewhere on it, and you’re on the road to riches.

Update (Feb 7): I’ve also got a JPG version for your viewing/downloading.

Image: Screengrabs of the web2.0 secret weapon.

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