In August, my first article on local Startup media, Startup News, was published, along with a handful of posts on the 6Q blog. Here are the links;

99 Problems But a Pitch Ain’t One
I was lucky enough to be allocated a pitching slot at the inaugural startup open mic night, which was held on a cool Tuesday evening at Spacecubed. Nate Sturcke from Skill Social fame did an excellent job of giving he pitch presenters a brief via email, prior to the event, as well as on the evening.

Over on the 6Q blog;

Creating a great company culture at your start-up
Even without any conscious effort, your start-up already has a company culture. If it’s positive or negative is something you, as a founder, need to nurture. In this article, we explain what culture is, and how you can start to embrace and enhance it.

Snapshot and lessons from an early-stage startup
It has been a year tomorrow since we first started work on what would become 6Q. Let’s describe the journey so far, for prosperity sake, as well as to give other startup founders, and the general community something to compare your own experiences with.

5 top reasons why employees leave their jobs
In a recent survey of 9,699 adults employed across eight countries, EY found there were five main contributors to why employees leave their jobs. We explore these 5 reasons, and give practical ways to address them.

22 tips on how to find happiness at work
We all have our good days and our less average days. Moreso for people who really dislike their jobs. No matter what, there are proven ways on how to find happiness at work, and here are 22 of them.

10 ways to improve your employee induction process
Your employee induction process is often what makes or breaks an employee’s experience at a company. A great induction or on boarding experience helps settle your new employee in, and avoid workplace issues in the future. Here are 10 tips to make it great!

How to hire employees for cultural fit
There is a school of thought when recruiting that you should ‘Hire for culture fit, train for skills’. So what does this mean? We cover practical strategies on how to hire employees for cultural fit and why it’s so successful.

I hope you enjoy the read!

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