In my last edition, I wrote about Twitter backgrounds and why they’re important for increasing your followers, evoking who you are visually. Next stop is your avatar, the small icon that’s displayed next to each tweet you make, both on the Twitter web interface and most of the Twitter clients out there.

If you’re anything like me, you often check out new followers by viewing their last few tweets, reading their bio, and looking at their avatar. If your new follower is using the default one, there’s an increased chance they could be a spam account; as a result I’m always dubious about following those who have yet to create an avatar.

Perhaps you need some inspiration? have a great post, featuring 100 Extremely Creative Twitter Avatars. Extra motivation is available, thanks to Rogie from Komodo Media, who has collected some interesting examples of Twitter avatars that he loves.

Now, before you go ahead and create your avatar, read this terrific post from Malcolm Coles, Twitter avatars: choosing a brilliant one. It’ll give you some ideas about selecting your next avatar.

Good luck and see you on Twitter!

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