Andy Clarke talk, Web Directions South

Well, after yesterdays post, we rounded the day up with Derek Featherstone‘s inspiring presentation, titled ‘Accessibility 2.0’. After a full on day of education, we headed to the Thursday evening reception, held at the venue. Free beer and food is not to be missed.

The optional breakfast, hosted by Molly Holzschlag, was titled ‘Defining the new professionalism’. A great round table debate and discussion around the concept of creating codes of ethics and standard position titles.

This morning featured a number of prizes for Flickr photos and blogs, and I was pleased to be chosen as one of the conferences great blog posts for day one. I’ve now got a new T shirt and AJAX book to be proud of.

Easily the most inspiring design talks (and best presentation slide designs!) was new found mate, Andy Clarke, speaking on ‘Creating inspired design’. As a print designer from many years ago, it was refreshing to hear of grid design and working with standards in a way that allows greater freedom in design than many people expect or know.

Laurel Papworth has just presented on ‘The business of online communities. It was an interesting talk, and even featured Chuck Norris.

After lunch, I’ll be introducing Thomas Vander Wal and Derek Featherstone.

More from the Web Directions frontline shortly.

Image: Andy Clarke talk, Web Directions South.

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