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Christmas Trees, past and present

I grew up with natural Christmas trees, ones cut down from some plantation, sold at the local Petrol station and brought to our home for the month of December, dressed up and treated well for a few weeks, and then… Continue Reading →

Fun with painting

After my recent purchase of a Canon EOS400D, I’ve become reluctant to spend time writing, and over eager to spend time taking photographs instead. Here’s my 3 year old daughter, Leia, after an hour of painting pictures on her easel… Continue Reading →

Christmas Tidings 2006

So, it’s been a month since I have posted anything, and I follow it up with possibly my shortest ever post. I’m sure relaxing with two weeks off will give me time to create something more interesting for posting in… Continue Reading →

Web Directions – final thoughts

OK, so Friday afternoon at Web Directions consisted of me introducing Thomas Vander Wal, who did an interesting talk, titled ‘Information Architecture for the Come to Me Web’ I then introduced Derek Featherstone, who followed Thursday’s talk with Designing for… Continue Reading →

Web Directions South – Day 2

Well, after yesterdays post, we rounded the day up with Derek Featherstone‘s inspiring presentation, titled ‘Accessibility 2.0’. After a full on day of education, we headed to the Thursday evening reception, held at the venue. Free beer and food is… Continue Reading →

Web Directions South – Day 1

Well, Tuesday was the start of my web directions week, but today is the official start of the conference element. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, time has just been flying by. I arrived with zero sleep on the red… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Miles’ Blog

Happy birthday to my blog. Exactly 365 days and 83 posts later (yes, an average of 4.4 days), I have achieved my promise of blogging for a year, after a number of fruitless starts in the few years prior to… Continue Reading →

Starting your Web Career

OK, as my previous post mentioned, I did a presentation for 30 or so students at Edith Cowan University two days ago. They have kindly recorded and podcasted the event for their students, and here’s the result (Right click to… Continue Reading →

On presentations and work

Please forgive me, it has been two weeks since my last post. I do have a fairly valid excuse though, well a few actually. As mentioned in my last post, we had the culmination of nine months of work in… Continue Reading →

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