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York, Western Australia

The family went for a drive in the hills today, and we hit York for lunch and a wander. It’s great to see the town still holding it’s yesteryear character, and seemingly quite prosperous at the same time. Lunch was… Continue Reading →

If the web didn’t exist

Recently a few of us had a conversation around the deeply philosophical question of ‘What occupation would you have, if the web didn’t exist?’ Now, I have the advantage here – I was in my early twenties before discovering the… Continue Reading →

Melbourne, my second favourite city

So I arrived in the land of hook turns, trams, darkly lit bars and café capital of Australia yesterday at lunchtime. A quick wander around the city until I checked in to my apartment, down in Chinatown, before heading down… Continue Reading →

Recent News for June 06

We have big plans for Bam Creative over the next six months, hence my lack of posting recently, however I can now announce that as of tomorrow, Myles Eftos, previously a brilliant freelancer under the name Madpilot Productions, is joining… Continue Reading →

London in three days

Well I am back from my whirlwind adventures in the UK, and finally after 3 days, over the jetlag. It was a great 30 hours in Singapore, and further eight days in the UK (5 in Bishop Auckland and 3… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Durham, Hello London

So that was North East England. I am currently at Victoria Station, after catching a 4 hour train ride down to London, ready for a few days of more tourism before hopping on a plane back to Perth. Thanks so… Continue Reading →

13 useless facts about N.E England

Here’s a few things I have learnt about England, but given I have only spent time up in County Durham so far, I’m disclaiming with N.E England. They do have fine weather sometimes (the image above is not enhanced –… Continue Reading →

UK Trip, Day Three

OK, so I cheated a bit with the title, and it is actually day four technically this morning, UK time. Anyone who has flown the Australia – UK flight should understand why I didn’t have enough in me to post… Continue Reading →

UK Trip, Day Two

OK, so we’re at Changi Airport, listening to bad karaoke, drinking $10 beers and paying $6 for 30 minutes of wifi. The beers great, but the uniformed patrols carrying sub machine guns makes me a bit nervous though. Today was… Continue Reading →

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