Victoria Street in the Arab Quarter, Singapore

OK, so we’re at Changi Airport, listening to bad karaoke, drinking $10 beers and paying $6 for 30 minutes of wifi. The beers great, but the uniformed patrols carrying sub machine guns makes me a bit nervous though.

Today was hot, humid and slight rain, but a great chance to try and see as much of Singapore as we can in one day. The MRT, buses, Arab Street and Little India were our haunts today.

The architecture is a weird mix of funky modern and ancient and collapsing (as per image above). Then again, I thought that about the cars as well. 🙂

The prices for everything are very similar to Western Australia, although I managed to buy a stack of designer tee shirts for S$3 each! A few small pressies for family members too, but they’re reading the blog, so we’ll keep that under wraps. I would like to throw a quick “I love you, and miss you madly!” to Meredith, Davis and Leia though.

Dinner was at Alatuka Turkish Restaurant, Bussorah St. Ispanakli Pide’s to die for, and fantastic friendly service. Then onto the coach for a hair raising drive back to Changi by 8.30pm so we’re boarding at 10pm.

My feet are killing, but so is the idea of spending 13 hours plus stuck on a plane, travelling all the way to London. A few more beers, and hopefully I’ll sleep for half the flight. A few more beers, and the singing may sound good too.

Photo: Victoria Street, Arab Quarter, Singapore.

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