Late afternoon verandah, Bassendean

You should start taking the ‘usability rules’ that we set ourselves when building websites, and apply them in an offline setting. I do, and I love it.

For example, a ‘hybrid online/offline’ challenge is our state gas supplier, Alinta Gas, who have this nifty contact page, which quickly guides you to the correct number for residential customers (13 13 58), business customers (13 13 58) and privacy department (13 13 58). Are you getting the theme here yet?

Anyway, the funniest part is when you call 13 13 58, and you get an IVR system which asks “Press 1 if you are a residential customer, press 2 if you are a business customer…”.

I’m thinking they either need separate numbers to distinguish business units, or have a big bold statement throughout their site saying “Call us on 13 13 58”.

Is it just me that thinks it’s strange?

Oh, and another quick offline usability issue is ordering the vegetarian burger on the menu at Fast Eddys, aptly called a ‘No Meat Burger’. Every time I order one I get asked ‘Would you like Bacon with that?’.

Go on, tell me your offline usability funnies…

Photo: Late afternoon verandah, Bassendean.

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