Market Square, Bishop Auckland

Here’s a few things I have learnt about England, but given I have only spent time up in County Durham so far, I’m disclaiming with N.E England.

  1. They do have fine weather sometimes (the image above is not enhanced – they really do have blue skies).
  2. There are gypsies. Honestly; real gypsies, on horses and caravans parked on the side of the open roads.
  3. I’ve been able to understand just about everyone I have met, drunken publicans and middle aged check out chicks aside.
  4. There really is a pub on every corner, and then somewhere in between corners too.
  5. The local markets (as seen in photo above) have a stall selling images of Sydney opera house and bridge.
  6. Deodorants and aftershaves are called ‘smellies’ here.
  7. There are more than 300 channels on SkyTV here.
  8. One of those channels broadcasts live SMS and MMS coming in from viewers…weird.
  9. Of all the bobbies (Police) I have seen so far, only one was wearing their traditional hat.
  10. There are an amazing amount of teenage girls pushing prams. Seems teenage pregnancy is a huge issue here.
  11. History here is measured in centuries, not decades like we do in Australia.
  12. Every single food establishment (including roadhouses) cater for vegetarians, many of which have at least 10 items on their menu.
  13. Everyone knows our cultural television exports, Home and Away and Neighbours. I have been working on my Alf Stewart voice at the pub.

I’m sure there are plenty of other interesting facts, but I’ll leave them for another day.

Photo: Market Square, Bishop Auckland, County Durham.

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