Holiday! scribble by Miles.

I had a four day holiday, back in September this year down in Busselton to celebrate my birthday. I did the same exactly a year before, same dates, same place. In fact, since starting Bam Creative in mid 2002, I have taken exactly 3 three to four day holidays, and that’s it.

When planning for my whopping great big 16 day break (which I am in day 3 today), my wife rightly pointed out that the last time I had two weeks off was our honeymoon, April 1998. How bad is that? Here I am telling staff and others how important it is to have ‘down time’ as much as ‘up time’, yet I am the worst offender!

Well, I know my new years resolution…and to celebrate we’re off to Busselton this Saturday for a whole week – I’ll be working on my sleeping and lying on the beach skills, possibly my food and wine consumption muscles, and even some board game, photography and visual arts work-outs too! 🙂

Walking, yoga and meditation is also on the list, along with just hanging out with my wife and kids. Unlike my previous short breaks where I plan our days off down to the hour, this time I am making sure I haven’t planned anything beyond accommodation and when we need to get home.

Here’s wishing all of you also get some down time, and catch up on life outside of work and careers. I really do believe it is very important to pursue relaxation and out of work experiences, as well as work goals – I just seem to be bad at doing it my myself, ha!

Image: ‘Holiday!’ biro and paper scribble.

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