Pray for Australia sign, Maylands, WA

You know you’re too Web2.0 when;

  1. You’re painting your home, and ask the hardware store for gradient paint
  2. You wonder why the clouds in the sky don’t have tags
  3. You call young families ‘start ups’
  4. You ask people their usernames instead of their real names at parties
  5. You don’t call them parties, they’re called social mashups
  6. You wonder why the microwave button doesn’t say SUBMIT
  7. You start signing your name like fu.lln.ame
  8. You paint your car lime green or light blue
  9. You consider opening a bar called ‘Social Network’
  10. You buy two goldfish and name them Yahoo! and Google
  11. You write love letters in 24 point Tahoma
  12. You have more usernames than friends
  13. ‘syndicate user-contributed web services’ starts to actually mean something
  14. You play scrabble, and just add R’s to the ends of other players words
  15. You tattoo your Flickr username on yourself
  16. You wonder how you even survived back in Web1.0
  17. You wonder why newspapers don’t have rounded corners
  18. You catch yourself explaining ‘folksonomies’ to your grandparents
  19. You find this list untrue and offensive
  20. You can’t catch a train without making a Rails joke
  21. You like your credit card for the fact it has rounded corners
  22. You ask staff at your local clothing store if they have any t shirts in #C4F400
  23. You look for the RSS button on your TV remote
  24. You find this list funny

Image: ‘Pray for Australia’ sign, Maylands, WA.

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