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The whole Web2.0 term isn’t new to me, I have heard it the last few months, but the hype and activity surrounding it is just getting bigger and bigger by the day…we better be heading towards 3.0 very soon.

At we05, someone made some remark about how long will it take before someone starts setting up sites that combine all the best of flickr, technorati, blogger, etc…

Marc Andreesen* and team must have heard them, as the other day Ning was launched into Beta mode. I’ve yet to play with it much, but it’s bringing the whole 2.0 thing to the forefront – or is it that the days I heard all those great speakers mention 2.0, it’s having an effect?

Check out for a good run-down on where the app’s are. Also see Emily Chang’s site.

*As in that Marc, aka Netscape founder and serial entrepreneur.

Photo: Sydney street at night, September 2005.

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