For all of those people who have asked me, with my long gap in blogging, what happened with my $99 side project, yes I sold it at the start of 2018, less than 13 months after starting it, for a little more than 1,600%.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the process of so much reading every week for a year, but at the time of being approached, I felt like I needed a break post festive season time off.

The whole idea of this side project came from my desire to show people that you can literally start something for less than a hundred bucks. I did it, and more than covered costs along the way.

To hand it on to a new owner, for a significant multiple (even if in real dollar figures, it isn’t much) was the icing on the cake.

Rather than re-hash the lessons along the way, here’s the articles I wrote during 2017, when I was working on it.

The $99 Side Project Series

Here are the articles I wrote, in chronological order…

I urge everyone to try something out. Sure, you may lose a little cash, and waste some of your personal time, however the lessons you can take away are far more valuable than what you put in.

Onward and upwards for my next adventure into side projects!

(and yes, I’ll do my best to write more frequently here, rather than just on the Bam Creative blog and the 6Q blog.)

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