There are two extremely important elements for you to understand if you wish for your business blog to be really successful. The first is knowing who your ideal audience is, and secondly, understanding what topics resonate best with them. This will allow you to find perfect blog topic ideas that your target audience will appreciate reading.

We all know that writing blog posts is for your audience, not for you, so ensuring that your content is what your target audience wants to read is vital. Here’s a number of different methods you can use to uncover and find perfect blog topic ideas for you to use.

Enough of the waffle; let’s jump into it!

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Ask your customers

A great method to find and choose perfect blog topics is to know what questions your customers may already be asking. You can do this by having your frontline people ask their customers or the people they interact with, every day.

If you have a support department, that would be a great way to start. You can often turn customer questions into blog topic ideas, and not only use it to attract new customers, but help your existing customers as well, which is an added bonus!

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Find questions on Quora

Let’s say I am an accountant looking to find perfect blog topic ideas to write about. I can jump on the popular question and answer website, Quora, to find interesting questions that my target market asks, such as searching for the phrase “Business accounting”.

Perfect blog post titles using Quora questions
Perfect blog post titles using Quora questions

I end up with discussions such as;

  • Is Excel suitable for doing small business accounting?
  • Can I have 2 business accounts?
  • How do you record personal expenses from a business account?
  • Can you pay personal bills with a business account?
  • What are the tax implications of using a TransferWise business account as my UK LTD business account?
  • Why would banks deny my business account application?
  • Is Busy accounting software free?
  • What are the disadvantages of PayPal business account?
  • What are the benefits of having a PayPal business account?
  • What are the benefits of a business accountant?

From there, we can then click on the questions, and see how popular each of them are.

Using Quora to find perfect blog topics

Using Quora to find perfect blog topics

The two metrics to consider here, are the amount of followers (Illustrated above within the purple circle) and then also the amount of answers (Illustrated above within the red circle). There’s no point in writing a blog post about some obscure topic or question that only three people have ever considered. You want questions that a thousand people ask themselves.

Now that you’ve considered the numbers as well, you end up with a shorter list, and then create some interesting blog post topics that answer these popular questions, such as;

  • How to use Excel for small business accounting
  • Pros and Cons of having two or more business accounts
  • Tax implications of using a TransferWise business account as a UK LTD business account?
  • Common reasons why banks deny business account applications
  • Benefits and disadvantages of a PayPal business account
  • Why you absolutely must use a business accountant

You can always also combine some of these topics into a single post, if you don’t feel like you can write a significant article just on a single topic.


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Embrace the power of Google

We can use our favourite tool, Google, to find perfect blog topic ideas in a few different ways as well. There’s autocomplete, when you start typing a phrase. Research has shown that most of these evolve over time, because they are generated from common search phrases.

Another method is to review the ‘People also ask’ panels that often appear within their search results. For example, I searched for the single word ‘BAS’, and Google showed the screenshot below within my results.

Choose perfect blog titles using Google
Choose perfect blog titles using Google

I can easily create a list of blog topics that you could write about, just from these four suggestions;

  • What are BAS statements and how to prepare one
  • How to download your Business Activity Statements
  • 3 ways to save time preparing your business BAS
  • Who needs to complete a BAS statement and why
  • Where can I find my BAS statement and what I should do with it
  • The essential guide to Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • What information you need to include with your BAS statement
  • 15 common issues when preparing your BAS statement
  • 6 ways to Improve your BAS statements

I could go on and on. You get the idea. Be careful not to entirely mimic an existing blog post title though; it just makes it harder for you to rank for it, if you have named it exactly the same as a website which already appears on page one of Google.


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Look at what your competitors are writing about

You would no doubt be able to name some of your competitors off the top of your head. Have a look at their blogs and websites to get a sense of what they are writing about. What topics have they written that you could improve upon, or have your own unique perspective?

Remember that I am also talking about your ‘search competitors’ more than your perceived local competitors. For example, John’s Plumbing may think Plumbers 4 U, who are in the same suburb are their online competitors, however they would be wrong. Their search competitors are those who rank on page one for the terms they are also trying to rank for.

Say your competitor has a post titled 10 ways to calculate your tax obligations. Maybe you could consider writing a ’25 ways’ or something more comprehensive than your competitor has penned.


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Check your analytics

You can also use your own Google Analytics to get a better understanding of what blog posts that you have currently on your website, that are attracting visitors.

If you see a pattern of specific topic areas that are doing well, perhaps you can either go back and add further content to those old posts, or you can continue to write on the topic, and flesh it out further.

Choose great blog titles using Google Analytics
Choose great blog titles using Google Analytics

This way, you can capitalise on your existing readership, and ensure you are writing content that your readers are already interested in. Don’t forget to continue to re-promote your old blog posts as well. Just because they may be a few months or years old, as long as the information is still current, you should get more readers to them regularly.


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Spy on the socials

Another effective way to find perfect blog topic ideas, is to use social media to uncover what people are discussing. For example, heading over to the content marketers favourite social platform, Twitter, and searching for keywords or terms related to your industry, product or business. For example, this search for ‘tax return’ on Twitter shows me a stack of related articles shared on Twitter, as well as people asking when their returns are due, etc.

You can also use LinkedIn, and search the site, using their hashtag search function. Just visit LinkedIn, and start typing a hashtag out. Common hashtags will show up as an autocomplete, allowing you to view public posts and discussions tagged with that hashtag.

Find perfect blog topic ideas using LinkedIn hashtags
Find perfect blog topic ideas using LinkedIn hashtags

This way, you can find questions, conversations and shared content that are already getting traction, and once again, find ways to either provide a more comprehensive post on the same topic, or an angle that has not yet been written about.


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Use Ahrefs for further analysis

Another more advanced method to find perfect blog topic ideas to write about, is to use a professional SEO research tool such as my favourite, Ahrefs. You can use these software packages to search for keywords and relevant similar phrases, as well as research what articles are being shared the most on specific topics.

Choose blog titles using Ahrefs
Choose blog titles using Ahrefs

Say you’ve searched and found a term such as ‘how to do content marketing’. You can then go to the Content Explorer tab within Ahrefs, and see what articles contain that phrase and how well are they doing.


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Find inspiration

You can often find inspiration in other blogs, newspaper articles and magazine headings. Look at what article titles get your attention, and then work on ways to use their power words or structure for your own business blog posts. This works for offline magazines and newspapers equally as well as online.



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Miles’ blog topic ideas cheat list

You are welcome to cut and paste the following list into your favourite text software, and search and replace the words within the square brackets to create your own cheat list of blog topics to use.

  • [TOPIC] (XX Ways!) – The Best Ways To [TOPIC]
  • [TOPIC] 101: The Ultimate Guide To [TOPIC]
  • [TOPIC] For [TOPIC]: XX Ways To Save Money And Be More Effective
  • [TOPIC] Hacks: 30+ Easy Ways To Upgrade Your [PRODUCT]
  • [TOPIC] Matter: XX Ways To [TOPIC]
  • [TOPIC]: A Beginner’s Guide
  • [TOPIC]: A Guide To The Updates
  • [TOPIC]: An Experiential Guide
  • [TOPIC]: Guide To The Best Things To Do
  • [TOPIC]: The Insider’s Guide To [TOPIC]
  • [TOPIC]: Why & How To Do It
  • [TOPIC]: XX-Point Guide To Getting More Value
  • [YEAR] Guide To [BRAND]
  • [YEAR] Guide To [PRODUCT]
  • [YEAR] Ultimate Guide To [TOPIC]
  • A [YEAR] Guide To [PRODUCT]
  • A Beginner’s Guide To [TOPIC]
  • A Brief Guide To [TOPIC]
  • A Complete Guide To [TOPIC]
  • A Complete Guide To Understanding [TOPIC]
  • A Guide To [TOPIC] That Will Actually Help You
  • A Guide To [TOPIC]: XX Top Tips
  • A Guide To Some Of The Best [TOPIC]
  • A Guide To Some Of The World’S Most Famous [TOPIC]
  • A Guide To Strategic Thinking For [TOPIC]
  • A Guide To The [TOPIC] Craze
  • A Quick Guide To [TOPIC]
  • A Simple Guide To [TOPIC]
  • A Step By Step Guide To [TOPIC]
  • A Visual Guide To [TOPIC]
  • A XX Point Guide To [TOPIC]
  • ABC Guide To [TOPIC]
  • Advice For How To Successfully [TOPIC]
  • All About [TOPIC] And How To [ACTION]
  • An Advanced Guide To [TOPIC]
  • An Expert’s Guide To [TOPIC]
  • An Illustrated Guide To The XX Types Of [TOPIC]
  • An In-Depth Guide To [TOPIC]
  • An Insider’s Guide To [TOPIC]
  • An Instant Guide To [TOPIC]
  • An Updated Guide To [TOPIC]
  • Basics: Beginner’s Guide To [TOPIC] Success
  • Beginner’s Guide To [TOPIC]: Everything You Need To Know
  • Beginner’s Guide To Different Types Of [TOPIC]
  • Beginner’s Guide To [TOPIC] – Tips, Tricks And Lessons (Updated)
  • Cheat Sheet: The Pocket Guide To Better [TOPIC] Instantly
  • Complete Guide To [TOPIC]
  • Complete Guide To Finding The Best [TOPIC]
  • Creative Ways To [TOPIC]
  • Different Ways To [TOPIC]
  • Easy And Cheap Ways To [TOPIC]
  • Easy Beginners Guide To Getting Started With [TOPIC]
  • Essential Guide To Common [TOPIC] Terms
  • Expert Guide to [TOPIC]
  • Field Guide To [TOPIC]
  • First-Timers Guide To [TOPIC] (Everything You Need To Know)
  • Four Mistakes That [TOPIC]—And How To Avoid Them
  • Free Guide To [TOPIC]
  • Guide To [TOPIC] – Examples And Best Practices
  • Guide To [TOPIC] – Updated [YEAR]
  • Guide To Do’S And Don’ts Of [TOPIC]
  • Guide To The New [PRODUCT] Covering XXX Features
  • Guide To The Types Of [PRODUCT] And How To Use Them In [YEAR]
  • Guide To Understanding [PRODUCT]
  • Here Are Some Of The Best Ways To [TOPIC] This Year
  • Here’s Exactly How To Use [PRODUCT] Without Side Effects
  • How To [ACTION] Step By Step – Learn How To [ACTION] With Easy Lessons
  • How To [TOPIC] – The Complete Guide
  • How To [TOPIC] – XX Facts & Tips
  • How To [TOPIC] (With XX Great Examples)
  • How To [TOPIC] For Absolute Beginners
  • How To [TOPIC] From Scratch In [YEAR] – A Beginners’ Guide
  • How To [TOPIC] Like [BRAND]: XX Top Tips
  • How To [TOPIC] On A Budget
  • How to Be the Best at [Topic]
  • How To Become A [TOPIC] Influencer – And Make Money From It
  • How To Build A [PRODUCT] From Scratch In XX Easy Steps ([YEAR])
  • How To Build A [PRODUCT] In [YEAR] | Step-By-Step Guide
  • How To Choose [TOPIC] In XX Easy Steps
  • How To Choose The Right [TOPIC]
  • How To Create A [PRODUCT], A Step By Step Guide
  • How To Create A [PRODUCT]: The Ultimate Guide By [BRAND]
  • How To Create A Winning [TOPIC] Strategy In XX Easy Steps
  • How To Create Engaging [TOPIC] Videos
  • How To Create High-Converting [TOPIC]
  • How To Do [TOPIC] Correctly
  • How To Get Free [PRODUCT]
  • How To Improve Your [TOPIC] Fast
  • How to Know Everything About [Topic]
  • How To Learn [TOPIC] (Step-By-Step) In [YEAR]
  • How To Make [TOPIC]
  • How To Make [TOPIC] In [YEAR]: 150+ Ways
  • How To Use [TOPIC] For [PRODUCT] Research
  • Insider Guide to [TOPIC]
  • Our Guide To The Best [TOPIC]
  • Seasonal Guide To [TOPIC]
  • Secret Ways To Save Money On [TOPIC]
  • Smart Ways To [TOPIC]
  • Start Here: How To [TOPIC]
  • Step By Step Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The (Almost) Complete Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The [YEAR] Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The [YEAR] Guide To Using [TOPIC]
  • The [YEAR] Hater’s Guide To The [TOPIC]
  • The 9-Step Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Beginner’s Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Best Guide To [TOPIC] (Perfect For Beginners)
  • The Best Ways To [ACTION]
  • The Business Starter Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Complete Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Complete, 12-Step Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Comprehensive Guide To [TOPIC] From [BRAND]
  • The Definitive Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Easy Guide To [TOPIC] In [YEAR]
  • The Essential Guide To [TOPIC] With [BRAND]
  • The First Timer’s Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Friends & Family Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Greatest Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Handy Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Modern Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Newbie’s Guide To The [TOPIC]
  • The Non-Obvious Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Pessimist’s Guide To [YEAR]
  • The Simplified Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Step-By-Step Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Ultimate A To Z Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Ultimate Guide To [TOPIC]
  • The Ultimate Guide To [TOPIC] – All Your Questions Answered
  • The Ultimate Guide To [TOPIC] In [YEAR]
  • The Ultimate Guide To Types Of [TOPIC]
  • The Ultimate Guide To Understanding [TOPIC]
  • The Ultimate Visual Guide To [TOPIC]
  • Three Simple Ways To [TOPIC]
  • Top XX Ways To [TOPIC]
  • Traditional [TOPIC] + XX Ways To Use It
  • Ultimate Guide To [TOPIC]
  • Ultimate Guide To The Care & Cleaning Of Your [PRODUCT]
  • Ultimate How To Guide: Best Ways To [ACTION]
  • Ways To Give [TOPIC]
  • Ways To Help Fight [TOPIC]
  • Ways To Increase [TOPIC]
  • Ways To Tell If Someone Is [TOPIC]
  • What Are The Best Ways To [TOPIC]?
  • What Can I Do About [TOPIC]? XX Ways To Take Positive Action
  • What Is [TOPIC] And How To Use It
  • What Is [TOPIC] And Why Does It Matter?
  • What Is [TOPIC]? The Guide To [TOPIC]
  • What Is Internet Marketing? Your Guide To Today’s Online Marketing
  • What’s Your [TOPIC]? Here’s How To Find It
  • Who’s Who In [TOPIC]: A Guide
  • XX [TOPIC] Questions And How To Answer Them
  • XX Best Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Clever Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Cool New And Exciting Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Crazy Effective Ways To [ACTION] With [PRODUCT]
  • XX Creative Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Different Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Easy Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Effective Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Fabulous Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Foolproof Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Fresh Ways To [TOPIC] In [YEAR]
  • XX Fun And Creative Ways To [TOPIC] In [YEAR]
  • XX Genius Ways To [TOPIC] In [YEAR]
  • XX Great Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Great Ways To Teach Yourself [TOPIC]
  • XX Helpful Ways To Deal With [TOPIC]
  • XX Ingenious Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Days to Better [TOPIC]
  • XX Innovative Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Last-Ditch Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Lazy Ways To [TOPIC]
  • Summer Guide To [TOPIC]
  • XX Less Stressful Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Low-Cost Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Magical Ways To [TOPIC]
  • Improve [TOPIC] in Seven Days
  • XX Mistakes People Make [ACTION] – And How To Avoid Them
  • XX Popular Ways To [TOPIC] In [YEAR] (Real Methods)
  • XX Products To Help You [Action} In [YEAR] – Ways To [ACTION] Better
  • XX Proven Ways To [TOPIC] While You Sleep (Still Work In [YEAR])
  • XX Quick Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Scientifically Proven Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Signs You’re Going Through [TOPIC]
  • XX Step Guide To Making An [TOPIC]
  • XX Super Simple Ways To Get More From [ACTION]
  • XX Sure Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XX Surprising Ways To Make Your First [TOPIC]
  • XX Surprising Ways To Use [TOPIC]
  • XX Symptoms Of [TOPIC]
  • XX Types Of [TOPIC] And How To [ACTION] Them
  • XX Unique Ways To Experience [TOPIC]
  • Ultimate Guide To [TOPIC]
  • XX Ways To [TOPIC] More Effectively
  • XX Ways To [TOPIC] With Style (& Tools To Use)
  • XX Ways To Boost Your [TOPIC] Fast
  • XX Ways To Build A Better [TOPIC] In [YEAR]
  • XX Ways To Celebrate [TOPIC]
  • XX Ways To Fight [TOPIC]
  • XX Ways To Gain A Competitive Advantage With [TOPIC]
  • XX Ways To Improve [TOPIC]
  • XX Ways To Make [TOPIC]
  • XX Ways To Make [TOPIC] Even Better
  • XX Ways To Make [TOPIC] More Sustainable
  • XX Ways To Make [YEAR] Your Best [TOPIC] Season…Ever!
  • XX Ways To Upgrade Your [PRODUCT] Setup
  • XXX Best Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XXX Creative Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XXX Easy Ways To Make [TOPIC]
  • XXX Fun Ways To [TOPIC] With Hands-On Games & Activities
  • XXX Ways To [ACTION] In [YEAR]
  • XXX Ways To [TOPIC]
  • XXX Ways To [TOPIC] Efficiently
  • XXX Ways To Jazz Up Your Boring [TOPIC]
  • You Can [TOPIC]. Here’s How To Do It
  • Your [YEAR] Guide To Creating (And Optimising) A [TOPIC]
  • Your Guide To [ACTION] With [TOPIC]
  • Your Guide To [TOPIC]
  • Your Guide To [TOPIC] And [TOPIC]
  • Your Guide To [TOPIC] That Could [ACTION]
  • Your Simple Guide To [TOPIC]
  • Your Simple Guide To [TOPIC] Like A [PERSON]
  • Your Ultimate Guide To [TOPIC]
  • Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding [TOPIC]
  • Your Winter Guide To [TOPIC]

I am positive there will be a headline among the above you can use for your next blog post title.


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In Summary

Do you need even more ways to find perfect blog topic ideas? Then you should take a look at my post about the table of contents method, which I find works super well for many blogging situations.

In the meantime, here’s those nine methods above, again for your benefit. They are;

Don’t forget to have an ongoing file or list, so when you find perfect blog topic ideas, or wake up in the middle of the night with new inspiration, you can add them to a list and continue to top it up.

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