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Celebrating 14 Years as a Startup

14 years ago today, I started a little company called Bam Creative. When I say little, I mean that it was literally me, working from my spare room. I had grand visions of doing enough work to feed the family… Continue Reading →

Should the Government Help Startups?

All this recent talk of innovation summits, grants, funding for innovation and all has got people thinking and discussing. Should the government be giving privately held businesses any support, whatsoever? Yes, from a holistic ‘future of Australia for our grandkids’… Continue Reading →

4 Australian Newsletters Every Startup Founder Should Get

I’m subscribed to a squillion different email newsletters; so much so, that I have rules set up to move them directly to another folder, to avoid cluttering my inbox. There are, though, four Australian newsletters I receive, that I regularly… Continue Reading →

Some Unsolicited Dreaming on That WA Innovation Fund

The Western Australian government has just announced a $20 million innovation fund, and that’s absolutely fantastic, its a huge step for our great state. Call me cynical, however I am concerned that a lot of it will be spent on… Continue Reading →

Life of a Startup Founder, Explained in GIFs

After fielding many questions about the stages of startup development and what it is like to be a founder, I’ve collected the following animated GIFs to help illustrate the winding journey of an entrepreneur. All in good fun, of course…. Continue Reading →

50 Australian Startup Twitter Accounts Worth Following

Twitter is a great place to share, network and interact with people in all areas of the startup community. Accounts such as my @StartupPerth regularly share interesting links and news for startup founders. Both seasoned and beginner Twitter users alike… Continue Reading →

It’s Never Too Early to Think Startup Growth

You are at that very early startup stage; the idea is starting to be fleshed out, a plan for an MVP is in place, and you have both butterflies of excitement, and frequent bouts of nervousness. You might be planning… Continue Reading →

The TOC hack to finding topics for content marketing

Sometimes struggle to find new topics for your content marketing, that are just perfect for your audience? We’ve all been there. Let me explain how I found a way to get a nice long list of fresh topics, and really… Continue Reading →

Startup Investment Subscriptions

Free to a good home: Startup idea. Here is an idea I have been pondering for about a year, and haven’t had any time to move forward with it, so it’s yours if you have the time, knowledge and drive…. Continue Reading →

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