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Perth’s own web conference!

What does Derek Featherstone, Chris Messina, Ben Buchanan, Cameron Adams, Kai Koenig, Nick Hodge, Tim Lucas, Lisa Herrod, Laurel Papworth, Stephen Collins, Donna Spencer, Russ Weakley, Marc Lehmann and Sonja Bernhardt all have in common, besides all being great people?… Continue Reading →

Perth’s own Web Unconference

So, you may have heard the phrase unconference, or seen details about BarCamps around the world before, or even better, attended the first BarCampPerth on June 30th last year. Well folks, it’s back on! BarCampPerth 2.0 is scheduled to happen… Continue Reading →

Definition of a Freelancer

I’m working on a project at the moment which involves me speaking to a number of people who I would loosely term as a ‘freelancer’. In speaking with these folks, I am finding that the definition isn’t so black and… Continue Reading →

Ideas for the web

I know I’ve been remiss in posting much here recently, with the occassional tumbleweed rolling past this blog, and I will catch up on something to say soon, however I do want to make a quick mention of an important… Continue Reading →

Presentation Tips III – Interview with Eric Scheid

As the third post in my recent series about presentation and public speaking, (see Public Speaking Tips and Templates and Interview with Maxine Sherrin) I couldn’t neglect to speak to Eric Scheid, the brains behind the popular Australian Information Architecture… Continue Reading →

Presentation Tips II – Interview with Maxine Sherrin

In my last post, I linked to many blogs and websites which discussed how to present, both technically and tips on stage presence, etc. However, that’s only half the battle – how do you approach conference organisers, and what are… Continue Reading →

Public Speaking Tips and Templates

After some of the great feedback I had from my recent post, 19 Tips for Public Speaking, I finally got my act together and interviewed a few folks, collated some public speaking tips, and here’s the first post in a… Continue Reading →

19 Tips for Public Speaking

With life settling back down after nearly a week in Sydney, I’ve been thinking about how watching a number of presentations over a few days has given me an insight into what works and doesn’t work as a speaker, from… Continue Reading →

The Web2.0 colours of 2007

They’re finally released – the 99 Scruptious colours of 2007, Web2.0 style! After the fun and excitement of the original Web2.0 colour palette, which I created back in Feb 2006, I have been itching to do it again. Now that… Continue Reading →

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