Apologies if this blog seems to be one track at the moment, however bear with me – I’m absorbed in my day-to-day work, as well as my writing and then planning and tasks for Edge of the Web, the subject this blog seems focussed on at the moment…

I recently wrote an article for SitePoint entitled Why You Should Attend Two Conferences a Year, which sparked some debate at both the Port 80 forums and via emails to me. Myles Eftos also wrote about it, with his post entitled Why freelancers should go to conferences.

The debate hasn’t deterred people far and wide attending this year’s Edge of the Web, as the graphic above shows. Between speakers and attendees, we’re currently attracting people from…

  • Ontario, Canada
  • San Fransisco, USA
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Wellington, New Zealand
  • Adelaide, Australia
  • Brisbane, Australia
  • Canberra, Australia
  • Carnarvon, Australia
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Sydney, Australia

That’s pretty impressive! We’re all humbled by your enthusiasm for our little conference. We’re very lucky in Western Australia to have the first ever web conference of its kind, and we’re grateful for everyones support. Without your support through attendance, we would lose money on an event such as this, so if you want to see it reoccur in the future (hey, we’re a not-for-profit, we can’t afford to take many losses!), now is the time to buy your ticket!

If you are also travelling from outside Perth and surrounds, to attend Edge of the Web, I’d love to hear from you – feel free to add to the comments below, or send me a tweet (@milesb).

Image: World Map, showing attendees to Edge of the Web.

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