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Perth Web Design a Trademark?

I’ve been involved in the Perth web design industry since 1994, and have often referred to my business, Bam Creative as a Perth web design company. That’d be correct; we’re based in Perth, Western Australia and we offer web design… Continue Reading →

Link Up with LinkedIn

Boasting over 722 million members (Source) from around the globe, LinkedIn is certainly a web site that’s worth looking at for anyone looking to do business. Similar in some ways to other social networks like Facebook, the LinkedIn difference is… Continue Reading →

Our own industry wikileaks

I had a very interesting package waiting for me this week when I returned to the Bam Creative offices, after my recent leave. An anonymous package containing the entire client list for a competing Perth web company. No note, no… Continue Reading →

Managing Email: Tips to Develop the Email Ninja Within

It may come as a surprise to some, but there’s no need to feel compelled to answer or action all email the very minute it’s received. Embracing this idea will reduce your stress instantly; here are some other tricks on… Continue Reading →

More Low- or No-cost Marketing Strategies

We’ve discussed Facebook, but there are plenty of other affordable, grass roots-style marketing strategies you can implement to build your business during lean times. Many online marketing strategies boil down to having the time to work on them. They are… Continue Reading →

Using Facebook Pages to Market Your Business

In a recent Tribune, I suggested looking at Facebook Pages as a free marketing medium for your business. Love or hate Facebook, it will be around for a while yet, and it’s very likely that many of your target audience… Continue Reading →

Pimp Up Your Tweets

Speaking of Twitter, recent research has shown that the actual web site is still the most common method for people using Twitter (have they yet to hear of Tweetdeck?). So, for those tweeters among us, it’s still important that you… Continue Reading →

Google AdWords trickery

I’ve previously written blog posts and articles about some ethical dilemmas that face small businesses, particularly web companies, in the last few years, such as my posts about design theft particularly around websites copying our work. There’s another topic that… Continue Reading →

Interview with Mike Brown

I recently had the opportunity to interview Mike Brown, co-organizer of the well-renowned Webstock, New Zealand’s largest web conference. With only a few weeks to go before Webstock 2009, Mike took a few moments out of his busy schedule to… Continue Reading →

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