Speaking of Twitter, recent research has shown that the actual web site is still the most common method for people using Twitter (have they yet to hear of Tweetdeck?). So, for those tweeters among us, it’s still important that you improve your Twitter profile to help define who you are on Twitter.

An example of a suitable background is @sitepointdotcom. The page is well branded, with design elements that visually explain what they do and the topics they’ll be tweeting about. An example of a very average background would be my own — @milesb — where I’ve just tiled a small background.

So, you’re sick of the default Twitter backgrounds and want to improve your Twitter profile? You’ll find great inspiration at these places:

100 Creative Twitter Backgrounds Featuring Illustration
Twitter Background Design How-to and Best Practices
Creative Twitter Backgrounds of 50 Designers
24 Places to Find Cool Free Twitter Backgrounds

Hope these provide the encouragement you need to improve your Twitter profile!

This post first appeared as part of Issue 452 of the SitePoint Tribune, a very popular email newsletter that I was co-editor of. Thanks to SitePoint for allowing me to reproduce the work here.

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