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Book promotion on the web

I’ve been thinking alot recently, about the best way for an author to get attention for their book on the web. In particular, my own book, of course, but it is very interesting research about the power of the web in general.

In pre-Internet days, all you did was a book launch and then maybe some readings at book stores. I still recall being at my fathers book launches, for each of his books. Times have changed drastically for publishers and Authors now, and they are quickly grasping the web as a tool for promotion.

Luckily, my publisher SitePoint is all about the web, so we’ve got the advantage over some of the old school publishing houses that may be stuck in last century. This means, that when the book officially launches, they’ll promote it via their various online properties.

Before you read any more though, you have to watch this YouTube video by Author, Dennis Cass.

Book Launch 2.0

This is a great example of what an Author can do themselves, delivered by Dennis in a very amusing way.

So what are some of the things an Author can do to promote their book, online? There’s the obvious ones;

Then there are other examples, such as having a ‘virtual launch’ on Second Life, creating a MySpace page, advertising the book using contextual advertising networks, sending review copies to high profile bloggers, and the like.

The trick here is be authentic – don’t just sign up to lots of social networking or social media services, looking to pimp your book – you need to be engaged with your readers and prospective readers, to get value.

Have any other online promotion ideas, yourself? I’d be keen to hear them – please post a comment below!

Image: First box of copies of my book to arrive!

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Far and wide, they are coming!


The book is launched


  1. Mike Cheen

    Well done on the book, hope it does well 4 you. I’m in the middle of a motivational book, and found this post useful. I must remember that an authors job does not finish when last page is written. Thanx.

  2. I’m not sure I want to give away all my secrets ;)… maybe wait until we’ve launched your book then I might share.

    Okay I’ll throw in one. Let potential readers try before they buy using a PDF as a sample. Make sure you capture an avenue to follow them up (email address etc)

  3. Well done! Yes, I’m an old bloke – I set my first book on an IBM Electronic typewriter – with a golfball! Very flash back then… Now my latest book is off to the publisher as a PDF file, and I’ve never had a hard copy.
    Congratulations, Miles. I’ll come visit the Book when I return to Perth. Looks great!

  4. Congrats on having your book published. Nice covers. I’ve focused a lot with my books on online promotion and marketing. Some of the successful tricks I’ve found for marketing my books online can be found on my site. I’ve used press releases effectively, as well as niche social networking sites and forums. The real key is just consistency over time. Best of luck.

  5. Great blog- I’m currently trawling the internet for marketing ideas for my own book and I’ve recently put out a posting on my blog with 50 tips on promoting a self or POD published book.

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