On Wednesday night, approximately 80 web people came to the sophisticated new upstairs bar at the Flying Scotsman, Mt Lawley, to celebrate Christmas with Port80, at our official Perth Port80 Christmas Soiree, and to also celebrate the launch of The Principles of Successful Freelancing. Thanks to everyone who showed up, and I apologise that we ran out of books so quickly.

The feedback from everyone was great, both on the event and my book, and a huge thanks to everyone who bought the book!

Today, I’m pleased to announce that SitePoint have now started taking orders for the book, which will be officially launched next week on SitePoint.com. Read about the book over here, and then head to the pre-order page to grab a copy (Oh, and if you’re in Perth, bring your copy to a Port80 meeting, and I’ll happilly sign it for you as well).

When you buy the book, not only do you get a 30 day money back guarantee, but you can also get free shipping anywhere, if you buy more than just this one book. Have a look at some of the other great SitePoint titles.

Image: Photo from Wednesday, by Gary Barber.

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