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50 Sites for inspiration

Motel, Swan View, WA

If you are like most designers, sometimes it seems just hard to get started every day, chock full of fresh design ideas, without falling into a designer rut of producing the same look over and over.

We’re lucky as web designers, that there are a stack of resources at hand, on the web, that can help us overcome these moments. Here’s fifty websites that I know of.

My top five most visited:

More gallery style sites to point your eyes towards (in no particular order):

…and some designer magazines:

Then there’s a few design ‘portals’:

And finally, some design forums to finish off the list:

Now, if you spend 15 minutes every morning visiting just some random offerings from the list above, I guarantee you’ll refresh your inspiration. Good luck and great designing!

Image: Motel, Swan View, WA.

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  1. thanks thanks thanks!!

    did i say thanks?!

  2. Nat

    I see a mashup in the making here – visual collation of inspirational sites 🙂

  3. Thank you for this.
    its becoming very helpful as I’m looking for inspiration for a design at the moment, Perfect timing.
    Thank you Again.


  4. Hi, I added your site in my rss reader. Thanks 🙂

  5. Having the task of designing is very difficult for some. These links are very helpful. Thank you for sharing it.

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