September was a quieter month on the ‘writing elsewhere’ front, with a post on Medium, and a couple on the 6Q blog.

Introducing @StartupPerth – helping amplify news from Perth startups.
The purpose of the @StartupPerth Twitter account is to help amplify the news and content of Perth’s startups, through regular tweets (3–9 times a day) and by using the hashtag #StartupPerth.

How to encourage management to improve your company culture
Do you have a sense your company culture could improve where you work? You are not alone! Every year, thousands of people quit their jobs because they feel that they have no say in the culture, and see no improvements being made.

7 Experts discuss the costs of employee turnover
There are a number of costs involved when you have an unexpected departure of an employee. The obvious ones are items such as advertising and recruiter fees. However, there’s actually a lot more to the story – in this article, seven experts share their thoughts on the costs of employee turnover.

How a Perth digital agency uses employee surveys to build a better team
In this article, we talk to one of our customers about how their Perth based digital agency uses our employee surveys to build a better, happier team within their business.

How to say thank you in 40 languages
Anyone who has used 6Q, would notice that we greet users in both our dashboard and by email using a variety of languages. In this article, we will take this further and demonstrate how to show gratitude in 40 different languages.

Dhanyav?d! (See what I did there?)

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