Prime Meridian, Greenwich

Well I am back from my whirlwind adventures in the UK, and finally after 3 days, over the jetlag. It was a great 30 hours in Singapore, and further eight days in the UK (5 in Bishop Auckland and 3 in London).

A few things I learnt along the way about London;

  1. London is so expensive compared to northern UK
  2. Number of times I was asked for directions: 7
  3. Number of times I asked others for directions: 2
  4. If I thought there were lots of pubs in Bishop, there’s more in London
  5. Number of times I was asked if I wanted drugs in Camden over 2 hours: 4
  6. Longest I had to wait for Tube or Bus: 3 minutes
  7. Number of times I was mistaken for an American: 1
  8. Tube stations just in circle line: 27. I visited more than 10 of them
  9. Number of times I heard ‘Mind the gap’ on the Tube: at least 50
  10. Favourite attraction: Tate Modern Gallery
  11. Least favourite attraction: Buckingham Palace
  12. Number of times I was stopped by police for taking photographs: 1
  13. Number of bins I saw: only about 4 (they have a serious lack of them)
  14. Number of times I heard ‘Do not leave your baggage unattended’ on tube: at least 50
  15. Number of Australians I met (besides Meg, who I was staying with): 2
  16. Number of photographs I took in London: 423
  17. Number of pubs I saw named with mention to Lion: 4 – White Lion, Red Lion, Silver Lion and Lions Head

If I thought 5 days wasn’t long to explore the UK’s north east, then 3 days was nowhere near long enough to explore London. Mind you, I went to at least 15 attractions in 2 days, and caught at least 30 tube and bus rides.

Photo: The famous Prime Meridian line (0 degrees longitude) Greenwich.

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