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Secrets to a Great Sales Proposal

Egomaniacs who are their own favourite topic. We all know someone like that, right? But are we in danger of coming across that way in our sales proposals? Pardon, I hear you cry! How could we sound like this? Well,… Continue Reading →

Break Your Own Promises

A few weeks ago–September 5 to be exact–I ordered myself a shiny new car. The experience went along these lines. First, I did lots of research and decided on my ideal vehicle make and model. Then, I went to the… Continue Reading →

Nine Ways to Have a Better Lunchbreak

Do you stay seated at your desk for just about every lunch break? Is the line between work time and break time increasingly blurred? We’re all guilty of doing that from time to time. It’s a nasty habit though, and… Continue Reading →

The Best Business Insurance

It’s no coincidence that many of the popular goals on 43 things are related to health and fitness. Stereotypical as it may seem, office-bound workers are normally not as physically active as those in other occupations, and probably not the… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Attend Two Conferences a Year

So why attend a conference? Let’s start with education. You’ll learn more from attending one conference than all the books and blog posts you can read in one month. This may sound like a tall order, but seriously, if you… Continue Reading →

Learn to Say Sorry

Earlier this year, I organised a loan for my new house with my usual bank. All went well, they approved it quickly and before long, I had removalists at my door. Then the trouble began … payments not deducted, double… Continue Reading →

Break Free, Work Mobile: Remote Work Tips for Solopreneurs

As part of a side project, I have been spending regular amounts of time the last few months working from local cafes on my laptop. Mostly, I have ended up at coffee houses with wifi, other times, I haven’t been… Continue Reading →

Definition of a Freelancer

I’m working on a project at the moment which involves me speaking to a number of people who I would loosely term as a ‘freelancer’. In speaking with these folks, I am finding that the definition isn’t so black and… Continue Reading →

Presentation Tips III – Interview with Eric Scheid

As the third post in my recent series about presentation and public speaking, (see Public Speaking Tips and Templates and Interview with Maxine Sherrin) I couldn’t neglect to speak to Eric Scheid, the brains behind the popular Australian Information Architecture… Continue Reading →

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