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Public Speaking Tips and Templates

Beans, Pasar Ubud, Bali

After some of the great feedback I had from my recent post, 19 Tips for Public Speaking, I finally got my act together and interviewed a few folks, collated some public speaking tips, and here’s the first post in a series – over 200 presentation tips, 100 templates and themes and other links, wrapped up into one list…

Presentation Tips

Presentation Blogs

Presentation Software

Presentation Templates and Themes
Apple Keynote:



Stay tuned for some further posts on this subject over the next few weeks…

Image: Beans for sale, Pasar Ubud, Bali.

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  1. Wow, that is an extensive list.

    I will haev to come back a few times to work my way through it all.


    Darren Flmeing
    Australia’s public speaking coach

  2. You have put together a nice list there! It’s interesting that when you read through the sites (and they are all helpful) there are certain common threads that start to appear in all of them. Put these together and you’ve got yourself the perfect public speaker for business!

  3. I just came from looking for a good page on Bing and came across yours. I have to say these templates are nice. Thank you for telling us about them in your blog post. I will be sure to pass this link to others.

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