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Hiding your first geocache

Before hiding a geocache, I recommend that you have at least a dozen or so finds as experience. Finding what others have hidden (such as the containers in the image above) really helps demonstrate what works and doesn’t work when… Continue Reading →

Finding that first geocache

So, you’ve read my previous posts about Geocaching, and you’re up with all the lingo and how to read the Geocache listing page, and ready to try your first cache. Let’s walk you through finding that elusive first find. Start… Continue Reading →

Learning the Geocaching lingo

You’ve read my last two posts, What is Geocaching? and Getting started with Geocaching, and now you’re ready to learn some of the terms used by geocaching participants. You certainly don’t need to be proficient at these in order to… Continue Reading →

Get started in geocaching

If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to read my ‘What is Geocaching’ blog post, which will help this post make sense. So, I’ve piqued your interest, and now you are keen to get started in geocaching. The first item… Continue Reading →

What is Geocaching?

You no doubt know what GPS is; that invisible grid of latitude and longitude brought to handheld devices using a global space-based network of satellites. It’s really handy for hikers and adventurers, and used as a modern navigation device by… Continue Reading →

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