Laneway in Melbourne CBD.

In a post on the 15th of last month, I alluded that Bam Creative has some plans in the pipeline. Well, as many of you know now, we’re moving back to the building we started out in back in 2002, although this time we’re taking two units, not the quarter of one.

That’s right, in a few weeks we’re expecting to be back in Inglewood, a few minutes further out of the city, but still close enough for comfort. Better parking, more cafes within walking distance and very fast internet access should keep us happy.

However, the other news which we’ve been working on for a couple of months, and are now eager to announce, is that as of August 1st, Bam Creative and Cube7 will become one company.

You can read more about the coadunation, amalgamation, acquisition, merger, takeover, whatever you like to call it over here.

Simon, Dan, Lee and Krissy, we’re all looking forward to working with you guys. Roll on the fun times!

Image: Laneway in Melbourne CBD.

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