I’m working on a project at the moment which involves me speaking to a number of people who I would loosely term as a ‘freelancer’. In speaking with these folks, I am finding that the definition isn’t so black and white, and varies from person to person.

Some people call themselves Freelance Web Designer, Freelance Web Developer, Solo Worker, Consultant, Proprietor, Entrepreneur…the list goes on.

After much research, my definition of a Freelancer is ‘someone who sells their services to employers or clients without a long-term contract’.

Now, this covers everyone from solo workers who deal directly with end clients, or possibly work as a contractor to a number of larger businesses, which then on-sell your services to their own client base. The main distinction here is that you don’t have staff working for you; however you may be involved in ‘virtual teams’ using other freelancers for particular projects.

Perhaps there’s a negative connotation to the term Freelancer that I’m not privy to? It’s an odd one, and I’d be keen for your thoughts here – are you a web freelancer? Are you proud of the position title, and what does the term freelancer mean to you? What is your definition of a freelancer?

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