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Interview with a Young Entrepreneur

If you’ve ever read the biographies of famous contemporary entrepreneurs, you’ll learn stories of how they started a roadside lemonade stand when they were 15, or sold baseball cards to schoolyard friends at the age of 14. When I was… Continue Reading →

Be Lean and Mean to Survive the Uncertainty

The pandemic has been hard on everyone across the globe. No industry or country seems to be safe from the negative effects to the economy. There’s been much talk about strategies for businesses to survive the uncertain economic climate. The… Continue Reading →

The Lowdown on Services and Products

Should you offer services or products? The old phrase, The grass is always greener … is often heard when discussing the merits of services versus web-based products. Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both models. Which… Continue Reading →

Learn to Say Sorry

Earlier this year, I organised a loan for my new house with my usual bank. All went well, they approved it quickly and before long, I had removalists at my door. Then the trouble began … payments not deducted, double… Continue Reading →

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