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Book Promotion on the Web

I’ve been thinking alot recently, about the best way for an author to get attention for their book on the web. In particular, my own book, of course, but it is very interesting research about the power of the web… Continue Reading →

The Principles of Successful Freelancing

I’ve been quiet here on Miles’ Blog for some six months now, partly because we’ve moved house, changed kids schools and had a third child join us, and partly because business has been booming, but also because I have been… Continue Reading →

Writing for SitePoint

  In recent news, I was honoured to be asked by the team behind, the third most popular eBusiness site in the world, to join their star studded blogger lineup, to blog under the topic of Web Pro Business…. Continue Reading →

Google promoting comment spam?

Is it me, or does it look like those zealots of the nofollow tag to reduce comment spam, have indeed got advertisers promoting software to not only comment spam but to also splog? Then, searching for comment spam will return… Continue Reading →

Blogging and Ethics

Traditional commercial media have always been a dubious source of commentary and news, the way I see it is that their job is to sell time (TV and Radio) or space (Newspaper or magazine) to advertisers, and therefore the entire… Continue Reading →

Blog Posting Tip – Timing Is Everything

For the last month or so, I’ve been researching the traffic spikes as a result of my blog posting habits. For example, if I post on a Friday night, the post gets nowhere near the immediate readers as what would… Continue Reading →

Make Money Blogging

OK, well the title of this post is a bit cheesy, but what I have discovered in recent blog surfing is the increased trend of selling advertising on your blog, and people trying to ‘monetise’ their blogs. The options for… Continue Reading →

Lets use English in HTML

Disclaimer: This post is NOT anti-American or an ‘us and them’ debate of any sort. It’s just a question regarding differences of English. I have been told previously that most of the English speakers in the world outside the USA… Continue Reading →

Marketing via bloggers

We’re all bombarded every day with hundreds of advertising and marketing messages. If you’re anything like the media consumer I am, it’s probably closer to thousands. So, how do you make your company or product stand out from the pack?… Continue Reading →

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