Mundaring Weir, Western Australia

Here’s my third post in a series of lists of short tips. After my last two related posts, being 39 hints when looking for web industry work and 18 ways to being a better employee, I thought it was only fair I turned my eyes towards employers or managers.

Here’s some ideas and tips for those of you who either manage or employ staff. Treat it as one employer’s advice to another.

  1. Only ever hire someone who you think can do the job, and the job will last. It’s a promise to employ them, and shouldn’t be done lightly.
  2. Ask only that of your employees what you would do yourself. For example, never ask your staff to empty a bin if you wouldn’t do that yourself.
  3. Teach and encourage your staff to pursue excellence in everything they do.
  4. Never ask your staff to work all night unless you are happy to do the same.
  5. Encourage your staff to think for themselves – not just take commands.
  6. Encourage them also to question your commands.
  7. Reward great outcomes – it doesn’t even need to be financial – a big thanks once in a while doesn’t hurt.
  8. Show true leadership and strength in your beliefs.
  9. Realise that you are still learning yourself, and that you aren’t perfect.
  10. Exercise regularly and eat healthy.
  11. Stamp out office politics, and never get involved.
  12. Don’t criticise people, instead analyse and discuss their behaviours with them.
  13. Show you believe in your staff. Don’t just say it.
  14. Make employees feel a true sense of ownership in your organisation.
  15. Encourage your staff to compete with themselves, not each other.
  16. Conduct regular performance reviews with real discussion, not just box ticking.
  17. Don’t get drunker than your staff at parties.
  18. Never berate an employee in front of another staff member or colleague.
  19. Complaining about staff members to other staff members will make the listeners wonder what you say about them.
  20. Take time off for holidays or long weekends. A tired, grumpy boss helps no-one.
  21. Understand what roles your employees do.
  22. Constantly look at ways of improving your own management technique.
  23. As the great parenting adage goes, be firm but fair.

I’m always looking at feedback – have any thoughts on the above? Either positive or negative, I encourage you to comment!

Image: Mundaring Weir (built 1898), from picnic last weekend.

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