I joined Instagram back in December 2010, as one of the first million users (yes, they managed to attract one million users in the first two months!) and I’ve posted an image on and off since then. I’ve been fairly low key, not making a point of using hashtags, or finding new users to follow.

Then, in late December last year, I decided to set myself a challenge of posting a photo a day during January, jumping in on the #instadaily bandwagon.

So, 57 days into 2016, and I am still posting every day. It has been a great motivator for me to take more photographs, and to encourage my often set aside hobby of Photography.

If you want to start taking photos, the stress of posting one a day is surely a good motivator. I don’t know how long I’ll keep this up for (some days I feel drained for time), however it is a fun ride so far.

If you like street photography, photos of motorcycles, random pics of mocha or coffee, please consider following me. Would be happy to follow you back. Cheers!

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