Grapes and Fence

If you ever needed proof that a standards based layout, a dash of search engine optimisation and a wordpress blog were great ingredients to get a good Google rank, then you’ll be interested to note that I have received a few unsolicited requests from Singapore accommodation providers about reviewing their properties.

It seems that, since after my April visit to Singapore, this blog has been rating high on Google Australia for;

singapore hotel rates (#1)
singapore blog (#1 and #2)
singapore hotels (#17)
singapore hotel blog (#1 and #2)
singapore accommodation (#27)

That, along with just about every version phrase for Web 2.0 colour palette you can imagine, and a referring keyword list which looks very random, means I am getting a wide variety of topics happening on this blog.

Welcome to those looking for Singapore information, Web2.0 detail or photos of Melbourne laneways. I hope you find what you’re after!

Bloggers – what are some of the strange terms you see popping up in your logs?

Photo: Grapes and blue fence.

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