Fire twirlers at Australia Day celebrations, Bassendean, WA

Another Australia Day has passed, and with every year my patriotism seems to grow. We opted to go to the Bassendean fireworks this year, and what a great time it was. A HUGE fireworks show, great friends, and a thousand or more Australian flags waving in the wind.

I’m proud to be Australian, although some of Australia’s past and very recent actions need some serious evaluation and apologies. I’d like to think Australia wasn’t the racist nation we hear in the media, but these entries in Wikipedia make it hard for us to defend our land.

Why can’t we change the date to a more inclusive day for all Australians? This date brings so much hurt for our indigenous Australians. I can only hope that the general world population don’t judge a country by it’s minority or past misdeeds, however I think I am being too optimistic.

There’s a lot to be proud of in Australia, we’re a tolerant, friendly people with a ‘fair go’ mateship national personality – I think we need to work hard to prove it again.

There’s hundreds of Australia Day photos on Flickr.

Photo: Fire twirlers at Australia Day celebrations, Bassendean WA.

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